Guðrún Benónýsdóttir, Lars Laumann, Benjamin Huseby
Atlantic Inclusion
09. 04. 2005 - 01. 05. 2005

(íslenskur texti á leiðinni)

Guðrún Benónýsdóttir, Lars Laumann and Benjamin Alexander Huseby are exhibiting installation, sculpture, photographs and found objects as the first, of a series of exhibitions and events in the collaborative project of Guðrún and Lars "Atlantic Inclusion".
This Exhibition will take place in Kling and Bang Gallery 09.04. - 01.05. 2005.
Opening Saturday 9th of April at 5.

The three artists, all have different back- grounds and practises. Their approach to art-making and the methods of drawing inspiration can be seen as unifying element rather than the choice of Media.

Benónýsdóttir (Iceland) consider her work to be a setting for a private jorney by intuition or senses. She has an independent personal language and her work have a reference to the theater or the drama where there is often a defused roleplay. In the installation shown at Kling & Bang gallery she continues to work with these issues, using materials and images, to create an emotional psychologal world.

Photos are made by Guðrún Benónýs- dóttir, Sesselja Guðmundsdóttir and Áslaug María Friðriksdóttir. Video is made by Ingibjörg Magnadóttir and Guðrún Benónýsdóttir. Costumes in the film are ; "The return of inner vision
dress" by Ingibjörg Magnadóttir, "Connection dress" by Sesselja Guðmundsdóttir and "The skirt" by Guðrún Benónýsdóttir.

Laumann (Norway) draws his inspiration from the outskirts of popular culture, and uses extracts from science and modern mythologies to create works that can take form as poetry, collages, posters or books. He also works as a curator and started Schaufenster Gallery in Oslo in 2003. And has recently edited the atology "nesten!".

Huseby (Norway) uses photography that he edits into melodramatic stories based on mundane imagery, that mainly are created by the viewer's subconscious-
Apart from exhibiting internationally - recently a solo show at KunstWerke in Berlin, Huseby is also known as fashion photographer and a long time contributor to Dazed&Confused among other magazines.

For the opening Dan Persson (Sweden) has been especially commissioned to perform under his new solo alias, Chisel. The project is a series of performances, where electric guitar and vocal are the only elements. The result is deconstructed metal, without the basic backlines, leaving a closer connection between the performer and the audience. Persson has been a central character on the Scandinavian Black and Death metal scene, both as member of several bands and, producer on a number of project
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