Kling & Bang á Alt_Cph, Kaupmannahöfn, Danmörk
Kling & Bang at Alt_Cph, Copenhagen, Denmark
19. 09. 2008 - 21. 09. 2008
Alt_Cph is a platform offering a joint public setting for alternative art spaces. The Factory of Art and Design is pleased to present 16 non-profit art spaces and artistic initiatives from the following Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
The Factory of Art and Design has previously hosted the alternative art fair Alt_Cph in 2006 and 2007. However, this year a new concept is launched. The fair setting is replaced by a platform and will for the first time be thematically curated. This year Alt_Cph presents projects engaged with immaterial art practices such as sound art, performance, activism and net art. In relation to The Factory of Art and Design’s upcoming Nordic residency program FAIR, we have chosen to focus on the vital alternative art scenes in the Nordic countries. In future Alt_Cph will change the thematic focus from year to year.
The Factory of Art and Design is hosting this event as we find it increasingly important to nurture the collective spirit of the independent artistic milieus and to give visibility to these innovative projects. The platform allows artistic environments that co-exist across geographic boundaries to present their projects on common ground. Alt_Cph is on one hand initiated by the desire to give the participants a chance to enhance knowledge of Nordic colleagues. On the other, the idea is to give the audience the opportunity to stimulate curiosity and gain insight on a variety of projects
existing in a sphere dominated by self-organised, non-profit venues. Hopefully, this will provide inspiration, strengthen networks on the art scenes and open the way for new collaborations.

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