Kling & Bang -Alternative-Copenhagen 2009
Alt_Cph 2009
18. 09. 2009 - 20. 09. 2009

It is a pleasure for Alt_Cph 09 to open the doors for the fourth time to the annual Alternative Art Fair in Copenhagen. The fair takes place from 18-20 September 2009. Alt_Cph 09 introduces exhibition spaces and galleries that many people may never have visited or heard about before.

Alt_Cph will happen at the Factory of Art and Design.

Contrary to the situation elsewhere, the alternative artscene in Copenhagen and in Denmark still has to justify its existence. Hence, we have seen an increase in alternative exhibition spaces throughout the country.

Alt_Cph wishes to introduce its national and international audience to this alternative art environment and to each other. The participants are galleries, exhibition spaces and printed matter publishers which have non-commercial interests. Additionally, there will be performance art, sound art and artists working live with process-based art within the space of the fair.

The participants in the Alternative Art Fair have been curated in order to give the audience an experience of the variety of tendencies found in the alternative art scene.
During the weekend there will be an active debate scene discussing themes and problems concerning an alternative art scene. You will be given the opportunity to participate in the debate both before and after the fair at KUNSTEN.NU's webportal:
Alt_Cph’s intention is to actively contribute to the discussion of the role of contemporary art in society. By visiting the Art Fair you will participate in this discussion.

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