Kristinn Már Pálmason
Krimp & Kling & Bang & Slang
18. 11. 2006 - 10. 12. 2006

Opens Saturday 18th of November at 5 pm.

The exhibition is thought as a collaboration between the artist and the spectators as well as the people behind the gallery. This collaboration is the creative force behind the sound and the painting-installation that creates the exhibition. The spectators are provided with cans of spraypaint and colored markers and are free to express themselves on 32 aluminium plates inside the installation, while listening to a very inspired lovepoem of sounds made by the artist. The sound is a time-folded piece and an important contrast to the installation as a whole. There is probably a different urge and reasons behind what people spray on the aluminium plates, a reason and an urge often buried deep down in the soul of one person.
Grandagaršur 20 - 101 Reykjavķk