Alejandro Vidal / BLACKOUT FOR DEATH
Alejandro Vidal
17. 03. 2007 - 15. 04. 2007
Opens 17th of March at 5 pm. Kling & Bang gallery is open Thursd.-Sunday from 2-6 pm.

Kling&Bang Gallerí presents the first Icelandic solo exhibition of Alejandro Vidal. Featuring a selection of video and photographic works set within ensconced spaces, these works will meet head-on the order of the white (in this case black) cube and constraints of the light (in this case dark) at the end of the tunnel, eclipsing every rule of engagement.

In the single-channel installation Material Dust (2006), the artist surreptitiously overlays his own enigmatic narrative with real-time footage of film production. Behind-the-scenes becomes the scene itself as a trancelike move throughout the labyrinth of Hong Kong evokes the cinematic legends of that city.

The photographic series Negotiating a new economy lethal paradise (2006) evoke the feral histories nurtured by such underground classics of Asian cinema. Where gangsters are today’s young warriors, violent death becomes a ritual and value systems carry a high price worth defending. These works are poised upon the threshold of degeneration—the instinct entire civilizations hinge upon, a sense of the potential for absolute death.

Tactical Disorder (2006) questions the relationship between policies of security and the culture of fear. Through a nearly anti-gravitational study of combat, much in the way a frequently used word gradually loses meaning the conditions under which physical conflict is socially accepted and cultivated are brought under close scrutiny. The increasing number of security measures driving us into a "post-political” scenario, thereby shifting the political register away from the guiding principles and trusted personages of the State, imply that politics emerge through lifestyle, art, and discourse.

At this point it is nearly impossible to discern the varying political technologies of control and regulation.

Extracting concentrated imagery from a sensorial recurring dream or contemporary parable for daily tests of the human condition, Vidal localizes examples of larger formulas at play: the lack of communication, methodological entropy, and limited political emancipation of our time.

Alejandro Vidal (Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1972) lives and Works in Barcelona. He has been exhibiting widely internationally with recent solo exhibitions at Espai Montcada, Fundació La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain (2006); MOT, London (2005) ; Disrupted Noise Terror, Insurgent Space, Tirana, Albania (2005) or Salon at Museum of Contemporary Art. Belgrade (2004) He has participated in numerous recent group exhibitions like System Error: War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, Italy (2006) ; Busan Biennale ,Korea (2006) ; Youth of Today, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany (2006) ; Naked Life Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan (2006) ; Personne n’est Innocent Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France (2004)

*Material Dust (2006) has been produced by Obra Social Fundació La Caixa, Barcelona.
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