25. 06. 2014 - 26. 06. 2014
OPENING: Wednesday 25th of June at 6 pm - finissage 26th of June at 6 pm (german artists and guests).



Our view of the world would be a different one, had humans not started gathering. And they didn’t just gather the expensive and precious, but also the essentially superfluous. Things that seemed mysterious, audacious, fathomless, or simply beautiful. Husks from beans, bark from boxwoods, gold pots, shark teeth, or the finest cameos, all of which humans conveyed in to their art and cabinet of wonder.
To own, to marvel at and to understand.
Here, the world is world.
This is where the absolute desire for knowledge begins. The urge for awareness ass well as artful foolishness.
Of course sparkle and twinkle belong. An abundance of expensive historical pieces alongside the craft of the young.
All these treasures will be brought. Want to be seen, want to be admired.
We, the gatherers, hoard all we can get and transport. And the more we have, the greater our demand. Yet, the greater our demand, the more we experience the futility of our longing. Those who attempt to hold on to the world in an embrace, which gathering entails, equal Tantalus and fail in a desperate relish.
Where staggering marvel is made possible, because to dare is to fail. Because the grotesque meets the enchanting and people can meet as artists, to remain people, with no need to engage in mercantile contest - and animalistic inspiration is permitted. Where life is breathed into things and where breath fails the living with energy expenditure. Paradigm changes wanted. Chaos inevitable. And Iceland as an island in the North Atlantic, so close to the primordial soup.
Our eagerness speaks through our efforts. To recover lost implicitness, to congregate, to question, to marvel:
how was it when nature and art, foreign and local, old and new seemed close?
And when artists still found it appealing to compare the incomparable.
Hence: off to Iceland!

There will be no tour, no name tags, and no audio guides, but benches and public bars where all visitors are welcome to get comfortable. To caress the time they have brought along. To have a beer, a cup of tea, to immerse themselves in the art.

and the the participating artists:

coming to Reykjavik

Veronika Gabel
Jonas Brandt
Felix Krebs
Sebastian Reuss
Carola Deye
Michael Göster
Johannes Lotz
Sandra Poppe
Silke Silkeborg
Julia Frankenberg
Katharina Karasjewa
Anna Steinert

Philipp Meiers (On+Brr)
Rodion Levin (On+Brr)
Paulina Almanah (DJ-N)


works in the show-still growing list:

Anna Steinert, Veronika Gabel, Kling & Bangs, Kristinn Már Pálmason, Felix Krebs, Julia Frankenberg, Gernot Faber, Carola Deye, Johannes Lotz, Katharina Karasjewa, Sandra Poppe, Silke Silkeborg, ONandBrrr, Jonas Brandt, Paulina Allmanah, Michael Göster, Dirk Meinzer, Marko Mijatovic, David Chieppo, Anke Wenzel, Andrea Tippel, Tillmann Terbuyken, Claus Becker, Fabienne Mueller, Sebastian Zarius, Ida Lennartson, Isa Schmidlehner, David Hardy/Suisse Marocain, Fernando de Brito, Heiko Neumeister, Dorota Jurczak, Jin Lie, Verena Issel, Thor Sigurthorsson, Malte Struck, Brynjar Helgason, Pall Banine & Hafsteinn Michael, Mette Thiessen, Oliver Ross, Anna Hartlaub, Sebastian Burdach, Claudia Apel, Thomas Ehgartner, Michael Heering, Katrin Sirru, Peter Klucik, Malte Urbschat, Philipp Schewe, Tjorg Beer, Peter Stoffel, Franziska Opel, Stefan Pfeiffer, Abel Auer, Marco P. Schaefer, Carl Gross, Erling T.V. Klingenberg & Kalli 25, Gylfi Sigurðsson, Henrik Malmström, Dieter Roth, Ruprecht Matthies, Henning Rogge, Uwe Lewitzky, Goscha Steinhauer, Dorothy Iannonne, Daniel Tschernich, Emil Sedlák, Christoph Blawert, Tilmann Haffke, Sophie Ernst, Lennart Münchenhagen, Stefan Mildenberger, Arnar Asgeirsson, INDRA, Christian Ertel, Daniela Prochaska, Conni Brinzinger, Philipp Meiers, Nicole Bianchet, Michael Steinhauser, Uwe Lindau, Wolf Pehlke, Urs Stadelmann, Peter Kamm, Rados Vujaklija, Axel Heil, Jan Sudeck, the Shits, Stefan Mitchell, Jacqueline de Jong, Nicolaas Schmidt, Thomas Lehnerer, Michael Blum u.v.m.

The project since 2011. What has happened so far:
Friends and Lovers in Underground was initiated in Hamburg in 2011.
A platform has been established. With the idea of underground the research for alternative structures and the non-hierachical coexistence of positions and point of views is playing an important role.
After a three month long exhibition in a parking garage in Hamburg’s city center with over 100 participants both national and international, the frame has expanded to numerous places of exhibition both in Germany and abroad. National and international exchange and expansion is essential to our project. In the coming year we are set to invite the international artists who have supported and accompanied us to an exhibition in Hamburg.
In the course of exhibitions, Kling and Bang will be the last stop of a tour for now. The series of exhibitions has been in various spaces in various European cities: Rauchsalon in the Vienna Secession. Schloss Karlsdorf near Graz. Message Salon in Zurich. Artist House Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Kunsthaus Jesteburg, Worpswede near Bremen.

More information on:

Grandagarđur 20 - 101 Reykjavík kob@this.is