Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir, Rebecca Erin Moran, David Horvitz, Eduardo Navarro, Nancy Lupo, Sara Magenheimer, Una Sigtryggsdóttir
Teygjanlegir tímar - Elastic Hours
06. 10. 2017 - 19. 11. 2017
Sequences VIII: Elastic hours.
Curated by Margot Norton.

On the opening of the exhibition, the 6th of October at 5pm, the solar synchronisation In Collaboration with the Sun by Eduardo Navarro will take place.

Eduardo Navarro’s In Collaboration with the Sun will be performed again Sunday October 15th at 4:30pm. That same day at 5pm David Horvitz’s piece When the Ocean Sounds will be performed.

In her text about Elastic Hours, curator Margot Norrton writes:
"My first visit to Iceland took place at the height of winter. Daylight was limited to several hours of twilight in the middle of the day while the deep darkness of nighttime stretched from the early evening through the late morning as people began their daily commutes. I have been back several times since, mostly in the early spring, when the length of daylight would grow in steady increments so that the daytime was nearly an hour longer at the end of the week than it was when I first arrived. When the passage of time is thus, so acutely palpable, one senses a heightened awareness of the universe beyond our daily preoccupations—such as the fact that we are on a planet slowly rotating on a course around the sun. This mercurial experience of time, so ever-present in Iceland, may open pathways to resisting conventional ideas and imagining the exceptional. As Icelandic Nobel laureate Halldór Laxness observed in his novel Under the Glacier (a novel which has been a point of inspiration for Sequences VIII honorary artist Joan Jonas), Time is the one thing that we can all agree to call supernatural. It is neither energy nor matter; not dimension either; let alone function; and yet it is the beginning and end of the creation of the world."

In collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna and the City of Reykajvík

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Kling & Bang works in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna and The City of Reykjavík
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