Magnús Sigurðarson
Greining hins augljósa / Diagnosis of the Obvious
14. 02. 2004 - 29. 02. 2004
Magnús Sigurðarson
Diagnosis of the Obvious
14. February – 29. February 2004

The diagnosis of the obvious stems from need rather than necessity.

The three-phased equilibrium of our surroundings, where air, water and earth are
engaged in a dynamic deadlock is the matrix where our beings thrive and decay.
Diagnosing this perception is not a necessity as it is implicitly experienced, and we are
indeed part of this equilibrium.

Indulging in the need, the artist probes the obvious, gathering data points, ordering them
and formalizing. In this mental digestive process, the crystalline equilibrium of the frozen
landscape/cityscape becomes a filigreed network of abstract shapes, that in their
position, proportion and relation draft out the structure of a native western thoughtscape.

This work comes as the lull after the “Storm”. First exhibited in 2001, the “Storm” similarly
captured a strand of Magnus’ natural environment and sublimated it to both an
expression the artist’s isolation in Iceland’s artistically barren community as well as his
deeply visceral relation with that same environment. In the lull on the other hand, we find
a sense of austere serenity and grace, with the artist firmly rooted in his nativeness and
his isolation emerging as a strength.

Kjartan Pierre Emilsson is a doktor in physics and the head designer for Eve on line from
Grandagarđur 20 - 101 Reykjavík