Joakim Derlow - Ellinor Aasgaard & Zayne Armstrong
20. 08. 2022 - 25. 09. 2022
We welcome you to the exhibition BLOWOUT featuring brand new works by Joakim Derlow and the artist duo Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Zayne Armstrong. In the exhibition the artists present new paintings, audio sculptures, videos and talking reliefs.
The exhibition runs through the 24th of September.
About the Artists
Joakim Derlow has a research field spanning from military-, survival- and observation techniques, seen through the viewfinder of artistic practice and processing, which strangely
enough have revealed their roots in the modernist thinking and methods of appliance.
It is through his research field that objects, found items, drawings and himself come together to tell a story of fragmented nature. However, it is only through the associations and perspectives of the audience that the narrative becomes complete.

ELLINOR AURORA AASGAARD (1991, NO) & ZAYNE ARMSTRONG (1986, UK/US) have been working together since 2018. Their practice focuses on scenographic approaches to sculpture, and storytelling around the forming and breakdown of communities. Their work has been shown in several exhibitions and presentations, such as: “Bronzed, brassed and coppered.” Sundy, London; “Zum schönen Knie I & II”, Doom Spa Berlin (DE); Radical Film Network Meeting (DE); “Days” Fotogalleriet, Oslo (NO); On&For Production at Nordland kunst- og filmskole (NO); “garageN” Graw Böckler Garage Berlin (DE), Porn Film Festival 17 Berlin (DE). They have recently been nominated for Eckbos Legat’s Jubileumsstipend hosted by the Vigeland Museum, Oslo, and in 2023 they have a solo exhibition "Beni: Under the Influencer", at Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand, Norway, and they will participate in the Triangle Asterides Marseilles (FR).
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