Mina Tomic & Kobi Suissa
02. 12. 2017 - 14. 01. 2018
Opnun 2.desember kl.17.00

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Kobi Suissa (b.1988) is an Israeli artist. He started very early to do body researches in the medium of painting, and during his art studies he merged them into sculpture and video. It resulted in a combination of various consumables such as concrete cells, rubber chairs and pink marble tombs. In his video works there is a preoccupation with the narrative of the woman who knows and sees everything. Through her he is dealing with complex sexuality, both the brilliant and imprisoned sense of loneliness and spiritual strengthening. Her experiences are an interface between the existence, illusion and sublimation of language. The woman remains vital, and has perhaps already undergone another incarnation of her life. He graduated from the Fine Art Department in Jerusalem in 2015. Since his studies he is working on his art in Tel Aviv and New York, as well as in the field of fashion.

Mina Tomic (b.1990) is currently studying choreography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Physical experience extracts action into dialogue in her work, that she passes on to her environments and language. To re-possess the agency of matter and identity, and to ask for a more sceptical way of moving with it. In 2016 she graduated in fine arts at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, where she explored her material understanding through movement, matter and body research, and continued to ask the body for more untamed functionality and performativity. After her graduation she went to Israel to be tested by the movement language/pedagogy called Gaga with the Batsheva Ensemble, a technique developed there that plays with the boundaries of a body on an every day basis. To physically be able to channel external forces is her way to face the void of subjectivity, where fragility can give the most delicate and precise new orders of something we might are not able to handle yet, but need to feed from.

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Kling & Bang works in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna and The City of Reykjavík

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